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  1. Has it already been a year? Indeed it has! On the 15th of December 2015 the gates to a new kind of Anime Sim opened. Anico is a convention building that was popular from its opening until today, just with a lot of more additions. Anico even „suffered“ from my Trip to Tokyo and a 4-days visit in Akihabara, these changes of which can be visibly seen now. For this celebration we want to invite you to our Anniversary Party so we can give out prizes for the best Xmas Costume, so get out your best „Xmas“ clothes or costumes and come to Anico: 15th December at 12:00 PM SLT. At this time you can add y
  2. Hello everyone, Since almost 2 months iam suffering from daily teleport invites to a Sim called TRAMPS #1... by different avis sending me those invites everyday. What i did was reporting those avis and blocking them (since they don't answer me when i kindly ask to stop sending me invites) but then, a few days later there are 2-3 new names which send me teleports again. I do block them and then the next inviters comes. I IMed the person that seems to manage this place, called "MissEvangeliques" with a direct (not unpolite) message to stop spam me with TP's no answer from her, instead
  3. Hello :) Anico is basically a Anime Convention Sim with a bigger Cosplay Stage inside the building. We are searching for Cosplayers that like to dance on those stages (also dance poles on the side of the stages) and greet visitors. Earning money due to the tip jars 70%. We also look for DJ's that like to hold Music Events and play fitting music. Just IM me and give a visit to Anico :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Riemann/145/174/125
  4. Hello everyone, I have a sim since a while and since i have it its always shown as Adult in the search. Objects on the sim are PG and don't cross the boarder to Adult, except on a skybox (which is my own home and has a restricted access to public -> everyone gets ejected there instantly. I also read that those areas are possible on a moderate thing if its restricted or visibly shown that no one under 18 years is allowed to enter this area. What would i need to do/know to reach moderate and to prevent people to come here expecting a sex sim (whats strictly forbindden) due to the Adult
  5. Hello everyone :) I had uploaded 6 WAV Files today and i wanted them to get played as a sequence automatically and when the 6th Wav has ended it starts from beginning. Is this somehow possible? I don't know anything about coding or programing and searched a couple of hours to find something fitting, but it din't >_< maybe someone knows a fitting script or has some ideas? That would be great and really help me out~ Regards, Fala
  6. Hello everybody :) Anico is SL's Anime Convention and a Hangout for Anime Fans, Cosplayer and Japan Fans. It is a moderate sim and has a very friendly community. We do Anime Music Parties or Movie Events in the Theatre. We are searching for DJ's that would make some Music Parties which mainly contain music from Japan and Anime or sometimes different Asian Pop Music. We also look for Cosplayers that like to be a part of Anico, Dance and greet our visitors. It is important that you can identify yourself with Anime or/and Japan. If you think that this is something for you, jsut pm me Inga
  7. Hello everyone :) I got a Sim and wanted to start build some small shops to rent them. I just got some problems and i don't know how those can be solved. I bought a rent box but this box just invites the tendant to the group with the rez rights -> I need to set the group to "everyone can join" so the tendant can rez automatically and does not have to wait for a manual invite by me. is there a different Solution? -> Being in that group all the tendants are actually able to rez inside the whole sim, but i would like to be able to limit this jsut inside the shop building on
  8. Hello everyone \(^_^)/ ANICO is a brand new Sim which is mainly a Anime Convention with a small Japanese Town and Summer Festival Outside. Inside the Con Building are alot of Rooms including a Cosplay Stage. We are searching people who can identify themselves with Japan, Anime or the Gaming Culture. Mainly we search for people who are Cosplay Dancers and stay/dance on the Stage and greet people friendly. This means you have to wear a Cosplay of a chara or something similiar like School or Maid Dress. What kind of Avi you have doesn't matter. We also search for a DJ with some Jpop, Jrock a
  9. Hello there :) I wondered if someone could help me with the renting questions i had. I know so far that a tendant has to be in the deeded group of the sim to be able to rez and that there are rental boxes which automatically invite to this group after a paymnet. Is it somehow possible that this tendant is only able to rez at his room instead of the whole sim? What if a rental runs out, is there a solution that he can automatically not rez anymore? (like a automatically kick from group or something?) Thank you very much
  10. Well the Animations its just a example it is alot of different stuffs i use it for, for example event or general announcements, or later maybe who is able to dance on a pole or whatever. But those shouldn't be able to rez objects. Just the staff's group.
  11. Hello, To sum it up, i want to make 2 groups for a sim. one should be for staff which can rez objects, one just for visitors to use certain animations and general have some rights on the sim. I know under About Land/Parcel Details there is the option to choose the option to make groups avaible to rez and then to set groups in another tab there. But how can i make it just avaible for 1 group if i set 2 groups for the sim's parcel? thank you!
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