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  1. Wulf Tyran wrote: My business account is my avatar maker account, i make 1250k lindens per month which averages around 25$/hr and usually over 250$/day. Beat that burger boy! I play games and get paid son So what do you do? I'm just a noob and don't know how to build or anything like that. Is there a job or anything you can do on here that pays? Thanks ( ͡ʘ ͜ʖ ͡ʘ)
  2. hi, i really don't like telling my age because as they say...age is just a number...but i it does matter when you try to talk to very young people and they don't things that us "older" people may know...lol I'd love to make friends with this so called older generation..I especially don't like guys that are trying to animate my avi to do sexual acts....come on! i"m not a prude but that's just imature and silly:smileyfrustrated: So if it's ok I will request you as a friend and please feel free to add me...
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