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  1. I had a question but did get it answered outside the forum, but I didn't see it answered anywhere else so I thought I'd share this with the forum I'm very new to mesh bodies. I have a Maitreya Lara 3.4. I had several items that did a very strange thing. I'd use the Maitreya applier and the it would look great, however friends told me that they couldn't see the skirt or dress. I ask around and looked on the forums and couldn't come up with an answer. I spoke with the Maitreya rep gяуρнση (gryphon.ronas), and she came up with the solution. Most appliers you place on your HUD, and then apply them to the body. Others apply a mesh directly to the body and conform it without the use of an applier, layers, or alphas. IF YOU ATTACH THIS SECOND TYPE TO THE HUD IT WILL BE INVISIBLE TO OTHERS. The solution if you've done this is to apply it to an appropriate body part and it will become visible to others and yourself. Hope this keeps someone from having the same frustration I had.
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