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  1. I've always been a firm believer in being nice to ppl. It really goes further than choosing to be rude. It all turned out well in the end. We're expecting some great pics, based on the teasers we've seen so far, so it was a blessing in disguise. Thank you to everyone for your help and advise on this...even if it was advise I didn't like lol Every cloud has a silver lining - I got mine :-) TC all x
  2. I am very pleased to say, we just got a refund. I'm so relieved. I was so angry at him. Again he wasn't responding to my ims, but has finally apologised and paid 12k L$ in full. I have two words to say. Thanks and Phew lol
  3. I have been thinking of ways in which I can deal with this. I have some plans up my sleeve in the event. I just hope he's a moral guy and gives the money back. I need to give him some time to begin with. I'm a reasonable person. So far, not heard another thing from him. :-)
  4. Thank you for your post. I don't, and will never, hold LL responsible for this. :-)
  5. Hehe, It crossed my mind, but to be honest, it was such a lot of work to make it magical. Even though he didn't show up, we still had a fantastic wedding. Not sure I could do will all the stress again. Plus, we got a fantastic turnout, I don't know that ppl would do that again. We were there for 4 hours partying. It was such a night!!! :-)
  6. Thank you for that. I was looking through everything yesterday to see if I had any standing. I certainly wouldn't hold LL responsible for it lol. There's only one person that's responsible. :-)
  7. I have transactions to show I paid for it and 20+ witnesses at the wedding who will say this. It is completely factual. But as you see, I have not named any names at this point as I am not looking for a witch hunt. Just wanted some advice.
  8. Thank you all. I had a feeling that's what you'd say. He did say that full amount was due, upfront at the time of the booking, and because of his 'so called' good name, I figured I'd be safe. I actually paid him 19,500L$ as he did a calendar for me as a gift to my new hubby. During that time I found him unreliable and it was hard to get him to respond. I couldn't get him to arrange times for sittings often found myself hanging around in case he called for me. The calendar was completed to my satisfaction, but the whole experience felt uncomfortable and rushed. Warning bells were resounding in my head during that period, but I'd paid the whole amount upfront. I have been courteous with him throughout. Always polite, as that is my nature, and even when he let us down badly, I was still polite, but firm. You know, he hasn't even apologised... Anyway, thank you all again for your help and advise. CC
  9. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help with this please? I paid a videographer (someone who is well known and respected in the field) 12,000L$ upfront to video my wedding and do timed screen shots - along with that there would have been a photographic album. I had sent, in several ims, the date, time, place etc and even sent a wedding invite - so there was no confusion over getting dates wrong. I even spoke to him a couple of days before and double checked everything. On the day of the wedding he didn't show up. The wedding was held up half an hour while we waited for him. He just didn't turn up. Luckily one of the guests is a photographer in SL and he stepped in and saved the day. He couldn't do a video, which I'd set my heart on, but he took pics and everything turned out fine, but, I paid the original photographer that we'd booked, a lot of money for this event. And it's not just about the money (although I don't like the idea of this guy getting away with it). This was a big occasion for us and he just didn't turn up. I sent him a message expressing my disappointment. I asked him to pay me the money back as a matter of urgency. He came online and said, 'Crap - had no internet since Sunday.' and went offline shortly after. I'll give him a week to pay me back, but should he not, where would I take this? Does anyone have any suggestions please? I've looked on SL's T&Cs, but nothing seems quite appropriate. Thanks in advance CC
  10. Hi all, I know this is an old thread, but I'm experiencing problems with buying Lindens too. I have a mastercard on file, it's in date, there is plenty of money in my account but still no joy. I even went as far as removing the card and adding it again, but now it won't let me add the card again due to a temporary error. LL did respond but are giving out a standard response which is driving me bonkers. I just took on new land and can't get to do anything because I haven't got enough L$. Anyone else having a problem here or is it just me? Thanks
  11. Can we pretend that I didn't just ask that question, is an applier the same as an alpha. I know exactly what an applier is and I wasn't wearing one at the time this happened. Can't believe I asked that lol
  12. Thank you for replying ladies, I'm going to show my noobiness here. What's the difference betweenn an applier and an alpha? Is there one? However, I don't really wear long sleeved tops, so don't think so. I can tell you when it started though. I'd been terraforming and suddenly my parcel was under a few metres of water. The whole parcel. Not just the corner I'd been working in. I logged out in the hopes that would rectifiy it (it didn't but has subsequently been rectified) and a while later I realised my wrists were black. My eyesight isn't the best lol, so it took a while to realise hahah. Don't know if this answers your questions really. Thanks
  13. Hi all, This is a strange one.....or maybe it isn't...;-) About a week ago my Slink Elegant hands developed black wrists. Has anyone ever had this happen before? I've been back to land had a redelivery and am now going through the process of amending ALL of my saved outfits to enter the new, redelivered Slink hands, but has anyone ever heard of this before? Thanks Caitlin
  14. Thanks Abigail. That is just the kind of help I was looking for. It didn't even occur to me to look at the dashboard. LL took 7.91 euros so it looks like the bank took the rest. Now I know what to do. Thank you so much for that. Just needed to know how to rule out one or the other and that did the trick. :-)
  15. Thanks for that Alwin, I don't think it's lost 50% of value either.
  16. Hi there, Thanks for your response. I can understand a little fluctuation but that is quite a large drop. I paid almost 50% more than normal and I can't imagine it's because the value of the Euro dropped that much. The other thing is, when I went to purchase the L$ to estimated price came up at 7.49euros and since I only received 200L$ I know I didn't click twice. I'm wondering if the bank has, for some reason, put a charge on , but since it's Saturday I can't ask them lol. But I really appreciate you taking the time to look at this, thank you. :-)
  17. Apologies if anyone thought I was expecting a "specific" answer to my specific situation. It was more like I was hoping someone would answer with, "yeah, that happened to me and it was because........" Or, "No Cait, you really need to speak to......about that". Thanks again all :-)
  18. Hi all, Can an anyone shed some light on this for me please? I regularly buy 2000 L$ at a time at a cost of around €7.49 give or take. That's what I've been paying each time since I joined just over two months ago. It fluctuates a little, here and there, by a few cents, but no more than 50 cents. I have a debit card on file and that's what I use to get my currency. However, today I bought another L$2000 but this time €11 plus change was debited from my bank account. I've tried to find out why this has happened but can't work it out. I checked my bank account and every other amount taken was around the €7.49 mark. Why the sudden change now? I'd be grateful if anyone can help because if this is what L$2000 is going to cost from now on, it will completely change how I spend my money and play the game. Thanks Cait
  19. Thanks very much folks. It worked a treat. Appreciate your responses.
  20. Hi there, I wonder if someone can help with this please? At the moment, when I take a snapshot I am only given the option to post it to my profile. I am unable to save it to my inventory or save it to a disk. (I am using firestorm) Can anybody tell me how to change the part that say profile to inventory or disk please? I've tried clicking, right clicking and there aren't any drop down menus there. Please, what am I missing? Many thanks Cait
  21. Apologies Ariel, I didn't see your post. To be honest, if I'd posted pics you wouldn't have noticed anything I don't think. It took me a while to register that something wasn't right so I doubt the things I'd spotted would have shown up in a photo. Point taken, however. Also, I did not realize lamps were discouraged. Thank you for that, I can see your point there too. As for the solution? My graphics were too low - just like you mentioned above. Also it seems I had my wifi setting too low as well. Within a couple of minutes it was sorted and I'm back to my normal self. Thank you so much for posting, I really do appreciate it.
  22. Shouting from the top of my voice: Sassy, Thaaaaank you sooooo much. I am 'normal' again. Big hugs X
  23. Thank you Sassy. I will put your tips into action and keep everything crossed - including my nostrils - that one of them works. And, as you say, I have a great Halloween outfit if all else fails. But, I hope it doesn't come to that he he.
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