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  1. Completely forgot about this topic, but i've used that form today - I hope someone really gets back to me. Ty
  2. Does this even count as wanted?? Did LoudMouth close down or is there a new landmark? I really just need a re-delivery. I've asked the owner in a note card, I've asked several groups, I've asked my friend - still haven't gotten that landmark.
  3. Okay thanks, all this time I thought after three hours the skybox just sent everything back to your inventory. Guess not, hopefully I can just get a redelivery on some of the things I paid for and lost. After all it's just a game, and most of the things I had were either freebies or unused items for years.
  4. I went to skybox that clears every 3 hours, and was trying to organize inventory and put everything in boxes for less clutter & inventory items, when suddenly my computer froze and I turned my computer off out of annoyance, I didn't log on again for a few hours. I had hoped that once I logged back on everything would at least be in my lost and found folder, i've checked my entire inventory, went back to the skybox in the exact location, nothing is in there. I'm upset. Any solutions? :\
  5. No need to help anymore, I managed to find it! It's ISON - Occult Jacket An old friend of mine had this cute coat/robe, I had asked where she got it long ago - but i've forgotten. I've looked the marketplace for ages and haven't come up with anything. I have a picture as a reference, however it's a dress - but it look's quite similar to the robe!  As well as this image, it looks a lot more like this.  Can anyone help me out, please & thank you! ♥
  6. Koko Naminosaki wrote: Sorry for the late reply but you can try Storm Keep if you still want to RP as a mermaid. I think you can also RP there as a demon. There's also Cape Crimson if you want to RP someplace different as a demon. I think they are both mordern supernatural sims. Thank you so much! :smileyhappy:
  7. I need a lil' help, I want to swim and be a mer, I purchased a tail and want to put it to good use, are there any places I can roleplay as a mermaid? Also, any good shops I can purchase some jewlery so she doesn't look so basic? :matte-motes-dont-cry: I'm also in search of a new area to roleplay as a demon, the last one didn't go so well.. ek. :matte-motes-impatient:
  8. Going to bring this back up to the top, PRM is looking for more people!
  9. My arm is missing, and sometimes my boob decides to flee aswell. I do not have any of the alphas on for the HUD, my arm is missing and my friend purchased my maitreya body for me yesterday as a gift. I'm still new at this, she's tried explaining all that she can. I wanted to change my clothes and unbox some stuff so I put back on the HUD to take away the alphas and poof, my boob and arm left me forever. I am not wearing any clothes, i'm not wearing anything but the body, hands and feet. How do I get my arm back? 
  10. I actually just got the problem solved, haha - thank goodness I kept the box they were in, i'm not quite sure what happened with the wings in the first place but the new pair I got from the box works just fine and my avatar works normally again. I downgraded to win7, hopefully the blue screen of death doesnt come for me again.
  11. I found out the problem! I bought a pair of wings for 565L, now i'm upset because I didn't purchase linden I saved for it. Everytime I wear the wings (there's an HUD that allows me to hide the wings) it makes me do all the things I showed an told you in the video. With the wings off it's normal. I'm going to contact the creator shortly.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's the 32 bit, the first time I installed it, it said that I needed to update my graphics card - but firestorm had said that FS did not support win10, so they gave us a different version to switch in the files and it worked, but all these bugs happened. And as for the "wooo look at me im a balloon" effect it happens everywhere, anywhere I go, I walked outside of my friends house and ended up dropping on the ground and became a floating balloon avatar, I flew all around the sim (okay maybe like 3-4 inches.) and then fell down and I think I spazz out after it.
  13. Sorry, i'm a tad bit new to the forums here. Anyways i've been here for a few months and not once have I had an issue such as this. I do not lag, at all - whatsover, unless i'm in a crowded sim. So here's the problem, whenever I go on top of ANY object and decide to get off and get back to the ground my avatar thinks its pretty funny to play this big dramatic falling effect and my friends can see this too! My avatar also seems to skip and spazz whenever I walk, I took my AO off and even went full on naked because I'm so confused with both issues. As soon is the "falling effect" stops my avatar "grows" / height changes and it's really aggravating me. I've filmed it here: wow look / (full thing wasnt recorded because !! wow it crashed !!) Another issue i've been struggling with is the dreaded "blue screen", everytime I log onto second life I can't even get a solid 15 minutes on here without my entire computer crashing, and no - it's not because of lag either. I recently updated to windows 10 and firestorm thought it'd be a pretty wicked idea to update, all of my friends insisted I upgrade because it would cause less problems for me, wrong - utter hell. the blue screen of death !! / click here to see it. If you need anymore information feel free to ask. :P
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