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  1. My god, That was it! Thank you! I must have activated it months ago and simply forgot about it while I was on hiatus.
  2. No, It was going on in three separate Sims at least, probably five or more.
  3. I was using RLV but this problem persists through completely disabling RLV and also logging into a viewer that does not support RLV.
  4. I am having an issue in second life where all of my Emote chat (/me or : ) is being sent to channel 4 Sending a command like /me tests something or :Tests something will send absolutely nothing to visible local chat, and when I listen to Channel 4 it appears there instead. I have tried recreating the LsL bridge, I have tried resetting to base avatar, I have tried removing every single item from my avatar down to the Alpha layer, I have tried deleting my preferences, I have tried disabling RLV, I have tried logging in on two other viewers. I have tried logging in on another computer, ALL of these things results in the same thing: All emotes get sent to channel four. The only thing that works is logging in on an entirely different ACCOUNT then Emotes start working properly. Emotes in Instant messages work just fine as well. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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