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  1. Hi, if the DMCA report included the UUIDs of the items contained in that listing, yes they will dissapear in every inventory they exist, no matter if that item was bought inworld or via Marketplace. More exactly, they still show up in the inventory, but they are a decoy item renamed like dmca something. Long time ago I found in my inventory a stolen dance animation that was included in a big pack of freebies, that was DMCA reported and eventually removed.
  2. Hi, I have a custom built scripts (I paid a scripter to do it for me) but the workflow is a bit different, but it works great for my needs. Basically I do not drop the items i want to rename into it, I just link them all (we are talking about prims or meshes to be renamed obviously) and i drop the script in the linkset. Then I get a menu with options to rename, replace or add a particular string to the name(s). It shows up a preview of the renaming I will get, asking for confirmation. When done, the script asks if it's good to delete itself. It's really fast, it takes few seconds. At this point I just unlink them all and they all perfectly renamed without human error. Big time saver! Maybe try to ask into a freelancer scripters group. I'm sure someone is available to create a script fitting your exact needs, for few thousands L$.
  3. Ti sbagli, non usa nessuna HUD per lo scopo che dici. Se ti scomodassi a capire un po' di Inglese, c'è scritto che tiene premuta la Barra spaziatrice per rallentare i movimenti con i tasti WASD. Per avere inoltre una migliore visuale, va in Mouselook: premi M o zoomi al massimo verso il tuo avatar fino a che la telecamera non va automicamente in visuale prima persona. Le HUD che vedi indossate sono solo per controllare il suo avatar di dragone, muovere le ali, sputare fuoco ecc.
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