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  1. Like i said on subject i have sell my lindens and request for credit. then i realized i need more money and i sell some lindens again. i make a request too i have 2 requests on my credit history will they merge them or will they send me separately? processing fee is -1.00 usd will i lose 2.00 usd? sorry for my bad english. edit: i have close both request and make another one
  2. i've trying buy something from marketplace but i get this error; ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT I have try on another browser but the result is same. my connection is fine i can go in marketplace but when im trying buy something i get that error what is happened?
  3. Yes you can get your money back. Just take a look in this page, you will find your answer. Buying and selling Linden dollars
  4. I'm not premium member but i can create support case from HERE
  5. Hey, I need an answer for my question. I'am a designer on marketplace. I don't has inworld store so I'm only sell my works on marketplace. Sometime I'am update my works and I can't sent my works to all purchasers. Is there has any redelivery script for marketplace designers? Its can be like redelivery card? thanks
  6. i was open a group with 100 L$ but now i can't see group in my group tab. even in search! i'am sure i'm not leave the group. So where is my group? was only me in the group and i didn't know that. thanks for answers :(
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