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  1. Demon Island is now looking for vendors for the Club/Mall area. We have 50 10x10m stalls, 50 prims each, 200$L a week. The Hellfire club is right in the middle of the mall and is the social area for the sim. We have been open about two months and traffic is growing with it, numbering around 5000 to 7000 on an average day. Our group for the sim is now over 230 and we add new members each day. This is a perfect setting for anyone creating darker things,, demon skins,, bdsm,, fun twisted stuff. Come visit and see it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Demon%20Island/70/50/132 Land description as anyone will see in search This is the place for Demons, their prey and Satan's Followers and for evil, twisted, perverted fun. Club Hellfire, sex bdsm sub slave master mistress bdsm demon demonic Satan satanic devil hell Lucifer Black Mass ritual beast neko Weekly events & Parties
  2. all that and I forgot the add the link,, hehe http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Direskin/43/56/614
  3. The Satanic Followers of the Demon Castle calls to YOU, my Demons, minoins and prey of those who follow the Dark Lord and revel in his majesty. AVE SATANAS!!!!. The Demon Castle is a very large castle, has tons to place to explore and enjoy all the twisted things your depraved mind can think of,, hehe. From the huge dungeon below,, to the new club on the second floor,,, the Hellfire Club. To the library with Satan's teaching to the Grand Satanic Temple for use in rituals and just plain fun,, hehehe. We also are in the process of restarting our discussions on Satanic studies and look forward to anyone interested coming by and joining in. The castle is open to all but the focus is on Demons. Here they rule and are above all others. Recently, we have also reached out to other sims. Evilina's whorehouse in hell and the Hell Hole and are going to connect them to create a HUB for Demonkind and kin .Please come by and we hope you find it a place you can enjoy and will come back to.
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