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  1. reset your router/modem? I've tried that, Multiple times. Still, the same thing happens.
  2. I log on at my premium house, everything seems to be working fine at first. I change my outfit, with no problems. But, but just when lm about to TP out, I crash. At first, l thought it was just a random incident, so l tried logging on, and not doing anything, And sure enough, after being logged on for about a minute, I crash again.. There was no issue with SL over the weekend or Monday, But ever since early tuesday, I've been unable to log on and stay on. I've checked my net, and its connected properly, I've reset my laptop numerous times, checked the condition of my video card, and
  3. Ive done all those things, I was able to connect this morning before work with no problems at all. But when I get home, all this happens. I've also tried other programs, just to make sure it isnt my net connection, or any technical issues involving my PC. And every other program that I have tried works with no issues.
  4. Now the grid says the issue has been resolved, But I'm still crashing after logging and being on SL for about a minute.
  5. I'm able to log in, But about 30 seconds to a minute later, I crash..
  6. Its reached the point that l cant do anything at all. Because it flickers so much. I've tried a clean reinstall and even tried other viewers, But its all the same thing. Can anyone help me out here?? :( Model: TOSHIBA Satellite C855D Processor: AMD E-300 APU w/ Radeon(tm) Graphics: 1.30 GHz System Type: 64-Bit Operating System, x64 based processor
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