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  1. Sadly this did not work for me. It rotated the whole build instead of the door.
  2. Thanks to both of you but I think this is too complicated for me. I'll just keep using my doors the old fashioned way. ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. Is it possible to add a part in the script that makes the door close automatically? /*//( v7-D Feebie Type 1 Hinge Script )--//*/ /*//-- Works At ANY Angle --//*/ /*//-- NOTES: works in ANY single prim door, linked or un-linked works in muti prim doors NOT linked to a larger structure //*/ /*//-- REQUIREMENTS: a cut root prim, suggest cube, pathcut start=.125, end=.625 //*/ /*//-- CAVEAT: single prim doors are limited to 5m width //*/ /*//-- USERS MODIFY HERE v --//*/ integer gIntSwing = -105; /*//-- use -# to reverse the direction of sw
  4. Thank you so much, I'm gonna try this texture. It looks way better than my solution lol.
  5. Sadly no. Just keep refreshing the page and hope for the best. ๐Ÿคž
  6. That would make sense. ๐Ÿ˜„That never crossed my mind lol.
  7. I might change it in the future but for now it will do. I don't wanna spend too much time on it.
  8. I don't think so. I tried making it full bright and it looked super strange, not like the walls in any way.
  9. Last update! I used the house texture in white to get a woodish texture and used the same on the base boards so it looks sort of good. I am pleased for now, until I can get an actual texture.
  10. Sadly those are not transfer. I guess it's so non premium member won't get their hands on them? Why else would they not be trans? Thank you! I think it looks pretty good (besides the texture obviously lol).
  11. This is my solution for now, minus texture.
  12. So I just made the easiest and laziest solution, I just put a square prim like a base board on the border. Now to hope I can get my paws on a good texture for it!
  13. I will give that a chance, tedious I can do.
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