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  1. lol , thank you for the request i got it . Hope to speak more in inworld.
  2. Hello SL, My names Cherrii im 24 Years old. I recently started playing SL less then a month ago, i know my profile says different. SL was very confusing to me years ago so i gave up on it. Recently i had the time to play with it and exactly get the hang of things. I come on mostly to shop for my avitar. Its a lonely world without friends. So right now im looking for friends. More to the urban life, street, hood, ghetto, thats my kind of lifestyle. Honestly any friendship would do. Im currently going to school for graphic design. I would love to meet friends with the same interest and hobby as mines. i like to expand my creativity and would enjoy it more with another male or female that would love to teach and learn also. Photoshop is the program i use to edit, honestly have all the adobe applications. im into fashion, Helping others, Learning, creating, and a million other things lol. Im also a fast learner. Have very much common sense. Hilarious at times and sarcastic. At times i say things but its not to hurt your feelings lol im just blunt, say whats on my mind, have a temper at time but theres always a reason. Anyways im a very intresting person well rounded hit me up to chat more <3 Have a Great day SL.
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