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  1. Hi! Nadia here :) I'm basically new to SL although I've known about it for various years now, and I first signed up on 2015. I haven't been much into it because I have no idea how many of the things around here work, apart from the fact that all groups I've ever joined have been pretty dead. I've decided to give it another chance by properly introducing myself in the forums, so hello! :D I love watching TV shows (SuperWhoLock, been recently into Hannibal, just finished True Blood, Outlander, etcetera). I also enjoy musicals a lot, being my favorite Hamilton. I read lots of books, lately YA ones, although it isn't my favourite genre. Videogames take up also big part of my free time, mostly The Sims although I've been spending lot of time playing any Telltale Games title you can think of :P I speak English as well as Spanish, so feel free to message me if you own any group related to the things I listed above or even if you want to for no reason :) Hope I can find people who like the same things I do here! :D Nadia.
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