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  1. I use a Visa Electron credit card,and it is still accepted as payment method.So the problem isn't my credit card,but something that Linden Lab did in an unusual way,as my bank said.You say that Linden Lab changed the credit processing over a year ago,but last month,i still could buy L$ with the same credit card..So something has been done wrong by Linden Labs that time:my bank said it affects all the French credit cards..And about Paypal,the problem is Paypal doesn't accept the Visa Electron credit card,so i can't use it...
  2. I am trying to buy Linden Dollars for several days,but each time,i have the error message saying there was a problem chargeing my payment method even i have money on my bank account and my credit card is still in accepted payment methods. I buy some L$ every month with the same credit card and i never had any problem..what is wrong,that time? i even called my bank, and the assistance of my bank searched what was the problem:the problem isn't my credit card,they said that something has been done in an unusual way by someone in charge of L$ purchasing and that blocks French credit cards..so please DO THE NECESSARY FOR I CAN BUY MY L$ AS I ALWAYS DID FOR MORE THAN 3 YEARS,that will be my only warning. If i lose my family land because i can't pay my rents cause i can't buy L$,i won't be the only one having problems.
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