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  1. hi! i've been on sl for a few years now, and while i've made a few short-term friendships here and there, most of my time on here has been spent alone. i'd like to meet some people who like adventuring around different locations, shopping, creating, chilling out, and/or just dancing around and having a fun time. :) a little about me: i'm 21 (22 soon). i can be a little shy, but getting me out of my shell is pretty easy. i'm a bit of a k-pop nerd, and i'm starting to care less about making it known. and if my name hasn't exposed me, i'm a bit of a nature nerd too. anyways, message me inworld if you're interested i'm pretty friendly, and will (to the best of my ability) make conversation with anyone about anything. :)
  2. Hey, someone else in the early 20-something department! :matte-motes-big-grin:
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