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  1. I know there are previous questions about this but they don't seem to answer my specific question. I have bought a couple tv and radio players. None of which would play any music or movies. I almost got the tv to work but fell short. Can someone help me? Is there something that i need to do that i am not doing to get them to work? I want them to play so that everyone in the room can hear it not just me. Help please.
  2. I just upgraded to a premium membership and would like to know how do i set my home location? Also how can my bf set this same location as his home location? It is for the Linden home that you get when you purchase a premium membership. Please help.
  3. I was wondering if there is a way to set a certain location as my home location. My bestie and i have a home together and right now i have the location saved in my favorites. Is there a way that i can set it as my home location?
  4. I am an adult but when I go to a certain room I get booted out because it says "You Are Not Old Enough. Come Back When You Are Older". I don't understand that because I have been to that room many times before but lately when I try to go there it boot me out. I have not been a minor for years so then how old do you have to be to be old enough....89? I go into other adult rooms no problem and like I said I have gone into this certain room before but now when I try I get the boot. Help can someone explain to me why? My rating is Adult and I have not been bad or anything. I am new and at the moment just spend my time learning the ropes.
  5. I have a complete avatar but her butt is not as big as i would like it. I tried typing in butt enhancer, sizer or even scaler and got nothing in the market place. Is there any way to increase my avatar butt?
  6. I purchased a complete avatar that came with an outfit that included boots. The boots have no heel and is open toed. My problem is the parts of my feet (heel and toes) which are showing is much lighter than my avatar skin tone. What can I do to fix this?
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