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  1. I have a radeon R7 240 I've updated drivers and all sorts, and like i said, it worked perfectly before i had to reinstall it, i just can't get my head around it... but i'll have a look. **EDIT** Ok in a bizarre twist, i just upgraded my Operating system from Windows 7x64 to Windows 10... and now it all works fine again, although i believe that is because it had to instal the new windows 10 driver for my graphics card where there were no new drivers for windows 7, but regardless, it works now... seems a bit strange... but i'm not complaining. Thank you for your replies and suggestions regarding this matter.
  2. Ok so i'll start out by saying I have seen this issue all over the forums and i have tried every solution i can find for it, but none of them solve my problem. When i first strated with this i had the Phoenix firestorm viewer and all worked perfect, max settings on everything and everything was as it should be, but then i had to wipe and reinstal my computer and since then it hasn't worked properly, i can wear the "test Male" outfit and THAT'S it! i'd created my avatar using the vampire (angus) outfit and if i apply that, i'm completely invisible and if i come across anyone wearing a custom mesh ot something they're either invisible or totally naked, I've tried Changing to the Google DNS, no difference, i've fiddled with all sorts of settings tnad tried eveything that every post i found has suggested but it makes no difference. whatr surprises me is that it works fine on my laptop, which is in no way powerful enough to use second life properly... I HAD thought that it MIGHT be because my laptop is a 32bit system running the 32bit viewer whereas my main machine is a 64bit running the 32 bit viewer... since the 64bit one doesn't install anything at all to my machine... Can anyone maybe suggest what i can try? it's driving me bonkers and makes creating custom clothing rather difficult if you can't see what you create...
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