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  1. I need someone who can get the roads I have down because I'm spending way too much time. I need these roads to be straight and to use land effectively. I want to have this sim open in two weeks. Payment can be discussed in world. 

    Please contact me inworld under amberrosekettle resident. 

  2. I just bought a region but I can't seem to figure out how to give access to my business partners. I've tried setting it to group, adding them to the allowed list and relogging, but they can't get on and we need to start building. Any ideas on how to do this.

  3. I’m looking into making a sim that is set in the 1900 and continues to 2050. That is the basic concept, but depending on how the sim goes it may expand and possible go pass 2050. But that is a long way to go. The sim is friendly to both humans and supernatural. This sim is an altered reality so history may be slightly altered. The sim is going to be run on a combination of five different countries that have merged together to form one country. In the beginning the five countries will be divided into five districts and depending on room there will be a sixth district. To start off with their will be five royal clans, one for each country. Each of the five clans are owned by either me or the four other partners. There will be noble families that people can play but those will have a limited number, we can’t have a sim of nobles. Each royal clan has OOC jobs for the sim and IC jobs for the sim. The IC jobs can be swapped between the partners at any point but the OOC jobs are first come first served. There are some jobs that are divided between every clan. That includes law making, court system, police, hospital and the school. There would be one meeting a month for law making, but if an IC or OOC emergency it could be every two weeks or the same week if it’s urgent. These elements have to have influences from every country/clan. This is done to even out countries that would much less developed in the 1900s. Every country may have two IC jobs or more depending on how much we will need. The fallowing is basic list of what could be independent OOC jobs: OOC maintenance of sim, IC maintenance of sim, marketing, running the website, designing the website, building, and monitoring the sim. Countries are still up in the air besides Japanese, which I will control though any of the other partners would be able to give input on any aspect I bring to the table. The new country is based in America; it may be logical for America to be one of the royal families, however that isn’t required. The countries that are clans can be chosen for all seven on the continents. Other countries may be representing as nobles, which down the road will be the first to hear if a new opening opens up the original five clans or the sixth district is made there could be one or two clans running it. So what does it mean to be partner? Either they may clip into the purchase of the sim if we want to grandfather it, help with tier, building purchase, website setup (if you chose to use a paid website provider), or scripting. No one is expecting to create original work and not get paid for using it in the community. The community can still be made without original work, but later on we may have to start building our own buildings. How do you become a partner? Well there will be an application. This is to wean out those who are not serious about staying with the sim long term, or having apposite OOC knowledge to be able to add to the sim, or the finical means. The application is both OOC and IC. The application is the same for every application. The same questions are used. However, a questioner for the OOC and IC jobs is in the works that will be different based on the jobs available. This is to make sure there adequate interesting and knowledge to handle the positions.

    Please contact me inworld at amberrosekettle. I don't check this website often. If I have time to talk face to face I perfer that.

  4. I have been working on opening a dojo on my homestead for qutie some time. I've ran into a problem with affording the homestead, we moved to a bigger one thinking we'd put the dojo on the same place to make our lives easier, but I didn't realize the cost I was getting myself into. We have the basic plan for the dojo programs basics set up and the dojo is already set up. But I'm looking for two other business partners that can help with the instruction of the classes and help with getting this palce going quickly. The homestead is very large I am willing to set up parcels and allow the business partners to use the parels for their homes as long as they can go in a third into the sim with me which would be 5332 a month per person with myself and two other people. Please contact me in world at amberrosekettle resident, leave an notecard or IM if I'm not online, notecard is perfered.

  5. I have currently invested into renting land where I am opening up an orphange. This isn't like the typical adoption agency. There are the tradition panels but there is a more expansive process. This includes a required roleplay classes and two vists before the child(ren) go home. I have the land and I will be liviing on sim so I'll usually be around. I need partner(s) that have knowllege in marketing and fiances. I'm on a tight budget and I have to get the orphange running with at least a few sucesses before this month is over. 


    The drawn into this place over the many other options is going to be realism and roleplay class. Kids are going to be draw into different oppurities we have of roleplay options. This is something that is going to eat up a lot of time. I've tried this before and the sim closed, but this time I'm renting the sim so unless I cannot make enough to keep the sim this isn't going to happen. However, going into this alone wouldn't be a smart idea.


    If you are intrested please contact me inword at amberrosekettle resident or message me on the forum if you can't find me.

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