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  1. Can somebody explain to me why this house offers more Prims than the others? https://ibb.co/2tcLs8r
  2. Yes thank you, however I'm not sure thats the issue, I was able to punch in my own avis information and able to bring it up. I will relay the info though, thank you
  3. A friend of mine cannot reset her password. She goes to the password reset page, punches in her name, and instead of a page saying "We've Sent you an Email" she gets nothing but a blank white page. I've tried doing the same, punching in her name and I get the same white page. What gives?
  4. Chick gave me this prim, I thought it was a gift, I tried to rezz it on the land, now I keep getting this message dd582f7d-bf84-45a1-a261-977688330693583950.300000 has given you this notecard: '[WGS] August Term Enrollment!' Asking me to discard or accept, I keep discarding, and it keeps popping back up. Please help
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