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  1. 2 Full connected regions for Rent. -20,000 Prims on one 30,000 Prims on the other -16,999L a week per region -Will stay connected -Estate Manager Rights-Your sim your rules -Right click to pay the lands this will be your first week. Landmark for Tier box will be sent after rented within 12 hours. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/heavenly cove/187/147/105
  2. Sedora Springs is looking for families, role-players that are looking for a place to call home. Sedora is a 3 sim community and growing.Sedora has a lots to offer including pd, fd (currently looking for a Chief),hospital, ems and much more! We also have a ballroom for future events. Need a place to host an event? Come to Sedora. We are also looking someone to run mc and a maturity clinic (mamma allpa). Have a business,but need a place for it? 2L per prim on all businesses and rentals! Contact livingston812 or Jex69 or visit us inworld. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woodland%20Ranch/81/83/23
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