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  1. Dream Seeker Estates Contact Sales agent: Diane Macbain in world Homestead Regions - 6899 L$ per week 20000 prim regions - 14699 L$ per week 30000 prim regions - 16799 L$ per week See all of our current listings at www.dreamseekerestates.com
  2. ** Firstly... I'm posting this for a friend who does not know how to use the forum. Please do not contact me about this rental, please contact the people listed as contacts. Thank you :) 14880 M2 on a full region. 6000 prims. Adult rated. L$4500 per week. All the remaining ground area on this sim is water - so you can use your boats! 👍 YES! You can build up to 500 meters. You can deed to your own group. You can terraform. You can have a security orb as long as the landlord is added with admin access. 👎 NO! You cannot have breedables. You cannot have a club. You cannot have a store. contact ☎️ maxgemstone or ConstanceMarie The land is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cornerstone%20Cove/134/135/20
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