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  1. And those are great, but I think it'd be nifty to have more options like the ability to sort different types of mesh.
  2. Howdy, So this thread isn't intended to be crude or insulting to Linden Labs, and I'd like to simply offer some advice. I've been plinking away in Second Life for some time, and recently I've noticed a few rather glaring issues you should probably address if you intend to support this creative platform beyond the launch of your gimmicky VR experience. 1) You should probably stop pounding sims into the ground with excessive hosting fees, some of the more unique and interesting roleplay sims have been devestated or disbanded because of this. Of course the very popular ones are still going strong.... usually... But it might help if you didn't actively chase your playerbase away. 2) The Marketplace is a mess these days, you plug in a keyword and you'll get a store that's decided to include common keywords in it's "Gacha" sales, putting up thousands of items that more or less make it impossible to find what you actually want. This happens with tons of common words that should be used to search things. Perhaps you should add a filter system of sorts to refine searches so you can exclude Gacha products, because for a modder like me they're perfectly useless. I can't copy them, I can't mod them, they may as well be digital trash. 3) Maybe implement the option to comb through rigged, fitted, and loose mesh items? You can try with keywords, but for some reason most sellers tend to fill the description with non-sensical insanity rather than actual sentences written/typed in the English language. Thanks, Stay Classy Linden.
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