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  1. Hello Fellas, I am looking for a FULL MESH as I am FULL MESH as well guy. I wanna hangout and get to know each other and if we click maybe more. I love visiting beaches and dancing...although I don't do that much lately because I own a Beach land I love very much! NO ONE under the age of 25 please and I will treat you like a gentleman and expect to be treated as a lady as well. I am NOT into one-night stands or HOOKUPS so if you are please do not reply! I am also looking for male and ONLY male avi's I look forward to hearing from you and enjoy your SL! ~Sophia
  2. You guys seem like fun...feel free to addme!!!! Kisses, Sophia
  3. Sounds like fun add me and we can hangout!!! Kisses, Sophia
  4. You can all add me I am a pretty cool chick to hangout with!!! I am pretty online everyday!!! Kisses, Sophia
  5. You both may feel free to add me I am always on everyday when i'm not at work!!! Kisses, Sophia
  6. Hi hun, I have been here a little over 6 weeks and love it!!! Although SL does look like everyone are loners!!! You can add me and we can hang out. I can maybe even give you pointers about what I have learned!!! Kisses, Sophia
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