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  1. I came back on a new avatar. My old inventory was seriously dated anyway as SL has moves along pretty fast, so I haven't missed the old and (mostly dated-looking) stuff.
  2. KarenMichelle Lane wrote: Wouldn't you know it. Joe's "member" gets recognized and then he dies. I recall a day when "short" stories lasted a bit longer than this. /me goes aboutn the rest of his day grinning after reading this :-)
  3. Better call PayPal. They have (in the past) had glitches on their end that cause transactions to fail.
  4. I'm glad you had a good experience :-) By and large SL is a lot like RL.....generally you meet people who are OK. Occasionally you encounter someone who probably spends a lot of time polishing their social skills by hiding in their basement - but the Mute feature does wonders for them ....
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