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  1. I don't owe any money to the lindens. In fact I think they owe me 4 cents and that's ok. I have now deleted my account. It's the only thing any sain person would do. SL is very time consuming and only creates a bad habit for its users to stay glued to the computer and spend their hard earned real life money trying to imagine a virtual life that doesn't exist and the only people who are happy are the ones taking our hard earned money. Good luck to all. Mocha. PS. I should have made this decision 3 days after I joined.
  2. Hello everyone. I was in a linden home yesterday and noticed that people were flying all around in that region and on top of the house next to me was a sky dome. Talk about an awful blue view in my window so I left that home from another home. This morning, I chose 3 different homes and the reason I abandoned them was. 1. Couldn't reach the destination as home just wasn't there 2. It said again that destination was unavailable. I could see I was there but there was no home and next to that home was another home with all kinds of sparkles and stuff going on. 3. The 3rd home was completely jammed. I could see that I was the owner but I couldn't get out of the door, I couldn't use the control panel or click on anything. I figured if I walked out of the door, I could see why this is so jammed. Now before you tell me to get online chat, I've been there and done that and wrote so many support tickets for these falty friggin homes. Instead of creating new things, why not fix the ones which are faulty. The only reason I took a premium membership was to get the linden home cause the 300 a week and a one time 1,000 is not worth it. I can get the same by just purchasing linden which gives me 2,000 for $10.00 Canadian and my quarterly membership costs me $30.00 Canadian so it comes to the same thing. With the premium, I only get 1200 a month so I'm out 800 each month with the membership. The only upside to this was that I get a linden home. Yes I realize that we are allowed 5 within 24 hours but if I don't get up at 3:30 in the morning my time to choose a home after the sims are restarted, I'm out of luck and end up with the faulty ones or ones that allow everything on their region. I thought linden homes were supposed to be quiet and secure. I've seen more stuff around me that uses allot of animation, sparkling things flying, a sky dome above the neighbor's house and long vertical strips of fire and whatever. Who wants to stay there..............and that's why these houses are constantly abandoned and people are in search of another one. Until they are stricter with what is allowed or not on linden regions, the premium membership isn't worth unless all members are looking for is a place to crash and have sex. Avatar sex??? Really??? Boy times must be hard for people if it's gone down that road. Anyway as for the 3 hours I went to this morning, I'm now without a home till 10 PM tonight before I can choose, yet again, a home with all kinds of problems. Is there any way I can get credited for the 3 hojmes of this morning? I would not have left either one if there hadn't been these problems with it. All I ever get from live chat is **we're sorry for your troubles** and **would you like to send a support ticket**. I'm done with support tickets and live chat. It's a total waste of time as nothing gets resolved and these homes are still full of bugs and things not working and neighbors who are allowed to put all kinds of junk in the air and around their property and this is allowed. If I don't get credited for these three houses, I will not renew my premium membership when it comes due. I have already removed my payment information. All I want was a little home witout sseeing flashes of odd fire and light and **a sky dome** really? Those things are ugly at best and should be kept way up in the sky and not above any kind of linden home. Thank you for reading my rant. Mocha
  3. Hello everyone. I'm trying to learn Firestorm Viewer for SL so I can have a backup of the SL Viewer if something is not working with it. When I click on *Camera Controls* in Firestorm, the viewer opens on the top left side of the screen under the *Avatar* *Comm* and *World* menus and it's hard for me to get to the options. Is there any way to move that elsewhere on the screen? I'm using the new Beta version. I did try another previous version but other things weren't working so I thought I'd give the latest version a try. Other things seem to be working except this **Camera Control** menu that I can't seem to move from under other menus. Thanks for your help and replies. Mocha :)
  4. Hello everyone. I just have to vent my frustration over this morning's troubles. I've been trying to get a linden home that is not all stuck to one another for the past 5 days. Most are unavailable and when they do become available, there is no view other than the house next door on any side. But the worst was this morning when I decided on a model adn it was available. So here I go and claim it. Lucky I thought as the view is decent and I can even see a bit of water from a distance. I was the only one on the sim and there was just so much lag, it was unbelievable. I had 3 pieces of low prim furniture. Two chairs and a fireplace that cost me 500 L in all. I wasn't able to return the furniture to my inventory. This was in the Noble Fir region. I did the best I could and just abandoned my land out of frustration after trying to get my pieces back. I was finally able to get the fireplace back but the two chairs at 250 L each stayed behind as I was unable to retrieve them. The second home of the same design was on the Tapplekirk region and I just couldn't log in properly. My avatar started displaying clothing that was not on her 5 minutes before. She lost her hair and her body turned grey. There was no furniture at all in the home as I had just arrived. I thought I would let the lag settle down and tried to put my hair back on with no luck. It just disappeared. I've been wearing this hair for the past week and it was 250 L. I'm a new premium member and I have to tell you that I am most disgusted and if this doesn't resolve quickly, I will leave second life for good. This is supposed to be a pleasant experience and it is not at all that. I went to another sim where I go where things are calm and tried to put my hair back on. In the WEARING section, I could see that my hair was not showing. I attempted to put it back on following the options I had previously when wearing that hair. WITHOUT success. I can't get my hair back on at all. I have cleared the cache, rebooted the computer, cleared again, cleaned the computer's cache as well as SL cache and still can't get my hair back on. The worst is that I have used up my 5 home choices in 24 hours and now I have to wait to find another one and have no home, out 500 L and no hair. What the he** am I supposed to do with this? I'm sure I won't be reimbursed for those two arm chairs and what about my avatar and no hair? I can't put my hair back on? I'm just sick of web sites promissing everything and overloading sims with useless sex garbage and very little quality. And the bugs.......look at these forums with everything that is going on and they still try to add new things. Why not fix what is presently not working properly instead of trying to promote new products? Why are there so many homes stuck togetehr on a region Sadand the lag is terrible. Getting a free linden home is not at all free if you have to go through such a hassle. I'm going to wait a day or two and if this situation is not resolved, I will cancel my premium membership and not look back. I'm sorry to be venting like this but this is not at all fun not to mention that I have to wait hours before I can try to get a home again........and bald on top of that. Sad and disappointed, Mocha
  5. Hi everyone. When changing Linden homes, does the 24 hour period start after the purchase of the first linden home or at the end of the purchase of the fifth one. EX. I purcchased Home no. 1 at 4:05 PM SL time yesterday, Tuesday and I purchased Home No. 5 today, Wednesday at 1:35 PM SL time I think. Does the 24 hour period start from 4:05 PM Tuesday or from 1:35 PM today, Wednesday until I can purahse a new one. All of the homes are OK and I love the environment of the Tahoe ones but I'm haivng a hard time staying with the perimeters as I'm still fairly new and my body keeps sticking out of the walls. lol. With the Meadowbrook ones, they are square and more spacy but gee, they are so stuck together that all you see out of any window most of the time are other buildings and a tree or two here and there. I guess maybe I'm asking for too much and I'm thankful for the opportunitiy to get a little place of my own. I see so many empty ones in the Tahoe and Meadowbrook styles and these are all near the ocean. I don't know if they are just there for show because I've changed my home at least 15 - 20 times so far and have never come across any near the ocean. I guess I'm getting all of those dumped by previous owners who were also looking for the same thing as me. lol. If I can find a decent one with at least a decent view on one side, I'll keep it as it's stressful changing and once I abandon my land and am on my 5th one, I'm stuck without a home till my waiting period is up.. Thank you for your answers on my topic........Does the 24 hour waiting period start from the purchase of the 1st or 5th linden home. Smiles and thanks in advance for your answers. Mocha :)
  6. I didn't get a time stamp...was just wondering. Bobbie....What is a Jira? Thank you. Mocha
  7. Hello everyone. New to premium membership and forum. Yesterday I purchased a linden home and didn't like it so I tried others but didn't realize that we were allowed 5 per day and then I got blocked and now I have no home at all. I'm so disappointed at my ignorance. I've been reading and reading the Sl guidelines and I guess I miseed that one. Anyway it says that I will have to wait 24 hours before I can get another home. Question;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; where can I see when my 24 hours will be up? I tried it awhile ago but it gave me an error message so I imagine my time must not be up yet. Is there a place where I can see when my time is up and I can look into getting another home? I think I'll keep the next one. I've been homeless since yesterday. lol. Thank you for your help. Mocha :)
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