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  1. Will provide further details upon inquiry Feel free to message me here or inworld Thanks! Danny (dannyboy50124)
  2. Syo Emerald wrote: Berating people with memes full of spelling errors... And judgeing by your post history, you seem to have some deep issue regarding "to live and let live". +1. Also lol at the fact that I made this post like a year ago. How deep did she have to dig to find this?
  3. I enjoy having little parties on my personal yachts, however one I just got is kind of a pain to manuever. Basically I need someone sitting in the drivers seat at all times so I am free to walk about without fear of it rezzing. The cool thing is, it allows you to take multiple positions across the yacht (ex. in the hot tub, dancing on the bow, ect.) while still technically being in the drivers seat. You just can't ever stand up. So I'm offering 50L an hour to sit in the "driver's seat". Even if lasts less than an hour you get 50L. Yes you're literally being paid to sit there and do nothing. Or socialize with the guests if you want, they're fun people. No experience with boats is necessary, I'll provide the training, there's not much too it. So yeah if you're interested please IM me in game. If I'm offline maybe send a notecard cause my IM's do get capped occasionally. Thanks -Dannyboy50124
  4. It's not just about the sex, think of it like rp, it's about the whole experience. And 100L is only the starting allowance. Assuming all goes well it quickly goes up
  5. when I get off work in rl I want to unwind and spend my evening in the company of an attractive woman. I am looking for someone who will be available at least 3-4 times a week after 7pm sl time. The relationship will be mostly sexual, but we will occasionally go out and do fun things. And if we have good chemistry and connect well I'm more than happy to take you out more frequently. Benefits: 1. Allowance of 100L a week(that amount will go up the more fun we have) 2. Frequent gifts (In the form of clothes, accessories or whatever else you like) 3. A place to stay ( you're welcome to stay at my house whenever you want) Preferences: blonde, somewhat young(<30), decent at emoting, minimal or no tattoos/piercings, fun and sexy personality Requirements: at least relatively fluent in English, sexually adventurous, detailed/well maintained avatar If you're interested or want to know more feel free to message me in game or leave a comment
  6. Can anyone recommend a nice, modern looking yacht with 32 prims or less?
  7. If I purchase a yacht or some type of large boat, do I need to own land to use it properly?
  8. i can provide affordable financing for your business. Email me at markj50124@gmail.com for more info
  9. looking for an active player with an entrepreneurial mind and a business plan to rent out space. Cheap, competitive rates. Email markj50124@gmail.com if interested
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