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  1. Hey Hey, i recently tried to rez the Aesthetic mesh body, and it doesnt show up on the sandbox, tried multiple sandboxes and it doesnt come up at all. `-` but i do know it can be rezzed as i have seen people bring it up before me easily... any idea why it wont work on my end or anyone else had this problem and found a solution or similar issues?
  2. Yepppp mesh bodies are totally worth it .... like damn.... x.x I brought 3 already and.... they are amazing Yes it takes abit of altering and etc but... damn... Totally good. it crashed on me once. doe i believe it could be just my net at that time. but otherwise runs pretty smooth in all aspects. and they look sexy as **** i did try to find clothing but that was difficult but i realised what you guys said about making parts invisible so ill fiddle around later and work out the logics to get some clothes for them.
  3. Yep mesh bodies are worth it. brought it tried it out it comes with alot of editing abilities. that i can go into anytime. Skin tone facial hair etc all that jazz. ill fiddle around with it somemore the . but i see the tremendous difference x.x im gonna be up for hours fixing this to how i want. but eh i dont mind. ill take it slow to understand more about it.. ty for the assistance everyone.
  4. Yeaaa in game assistance would be greatly appreciated cause... i stilll have trouble unpacking the damn box x.x Im on work atm.. so when I get on later sure any suggestions to help me get the grasp of this stuff quickly would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Alright x.x. *takes a min to process this* so what I gathered from your post is that once its fitted it cant be altered like the standard body we are given from LL. also it cant be used with every piece of clothing in the store? Am I on the right train of thought here? Thanks for answering my question I know what they are to a degree but are they worth it? As in I was looking at an athletic mesh body last night to get it as close to my rl as I can but im like why do I need a strong looking mesh body... if I can use silders with the default avi? See what im saying but I really like it so here I am finding out more about what it is so I wouldnt waste money on something not so needed ? Im asking are the fitted meshes able to go past the limitations of the standard one? . Yeaaaa I know stuff take time so clicking to drop on textures doesnt really bother me. Also how do you alter the avis way of standing and walking... its kinda clunky... and awkward seeing that run lol.. I type Ao in the searh and I seeee a load of other things...
  6. Umm ok im new to this and its all abit complicated but what are mesh bodies are they worth buying? Also how do I change the market place or rather set it to male or female specifically? Much thanks for any help.
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