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  1. Hi! I am aviiko (SL name is Aviiko Adelaide) and I was wondering if anyone would want to room with me? If wanted, there'd be minimal contact. (It's a small, 50 prim apartment, and I have enough furniture for the both of us, and a Television.) All you'd have to do is shoulder half the rent! The rent is 75 per week, so this means you'd pay 37.5L$ per week. Perfect for the cheaper creeper who just wants to ahave a home! My only comment is that you respect the wishes of the apartment owner, and read the notecards given to you. If you wish to back out you may do so at any given point in time.
  2. I believe you're missing the point. That is a complete sex slave, not a sub. A sub is someone you are equal to. See my other post - (The live in for hire) That is a slave. With a sort of D/S relationship in which the Dom has almost all control of the Sub. What this seems to be is a request for an equal partner willing to submit to the Doms authority. This may entail some fun.
  3. I am willing to be a sub as long as I get to have some fun. ;D pm me inworld, my user is aviiko Also: be prepared for my lack of sexual HUD's, I'd need you to provide for me.
  4. Hi! I'm an oldbie who just recently (read: yesterday) returned to second life after a two year leave of absense. None of my former connections remember me or are even on anymore. I'd like to make some new friends and hopefully meet someone who will lend me a bed to sleep at night? (read: i'm not a mooch i just need a place to crash until i can get myself up and running again - two weeks tops.) I like being helpful, even though I don't have much L$. I can be good for company, or just nice to hang around with! I like rock music, i'm your typical teen. (I'm 19, in case you're wondering.) I can communicate outside of SL, but only via Kik messenger or email.
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