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  1. Hello, friend, I unfortunately am in your same situation. I was told by Linden i can not get my items back and maybe not all of my lindens. I am devastated. The hacker wiped me out of all my houses, mansions, amaretto horses ( i owned a ranch and sold horsesm had 60 bundles and 40 mature. iobreed dogs, I had 50 unborn crates and 20 biobreed, purple Alaskan Husky. All Husky because I am a husky lover. All very expensive because of their coloring and traits (also the horses) My largest mansion is valued over $L50000 and the smaller two $L35000 was deleted bcause they were non transfer and non modify. My cars, slink feet and hands. Omega body, Wow skin, phat azz tango breasts, huge array of clothes value over$L500 each. My collection of shoes, starting value $L399 each ( Mass collection for i am also a shoe collector rl and love shoes and clothes. ) Homes i built, apartments i built, furniture I built. Three businesses I paid the $L100 each to stablish.... the list goes on. ( i am so devastated. After 3 months almost of reporting the theft. I finally got my account back yesterday. ALL GONE! EVERYTHING ABOUT ME IS NO EVIDENCE. EVEN DELETED ALL MY PICTURES I IPAID TO UPLOAD AND ALSO MY REAL LIFE PICTURES OF ME AND MY FRIENDS WHO SENT THEIRS TO ME. THIS IS WHAT REALLY ALARMS ME FOR SHE HAS MY NAME, MY ADDRESS, MY PHONE NUMBER, MY PHOTO. EASY TO MAKE A PHONY ID AND PRETEND SHE IS ME. THIS IS WHAT I WAS TRYING TO TELL LINDEN WHEN THEY KEPT SENDING ME CHASING BUTTERFLIES. SHE STOLE MY IDENTITY (FEDERAL LAW) SHE HACKED MY ACCOUNT ( FEDERAL LAW) SHE COMMITTED FRAUD ( FEDERAL LAW ) I WANT EVERYONE HERE TO KNOW, EVEN THOUGH THIS IS A GAME IT'S NOT. THIS IS A SOCIAL MEDIA AND FRAUD IN THIS GAME IS PUNISHABLE BY LAW. FRAUD IS A FEDERAL CRIME. AND THE PERSON WHO COMMITS THIS FRAUD IN ADDITION TO IDENTITY THEFT IN ADDITION TO HIJACKING IS A SERIOUS CRIME AND LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENTS AND FEDERAL AUTHORITIES TAKE THIS VERY SERIOUS AND IS NOW PROSECUTING OFFENDERS TO EVERY LENGTH OF THE LAWL SHE'SGOING DOWN!! AND IF AN ENTITY ENABLES IT, THEY TOO GO DOWN i HAVE LOST ITEMS OF EXTENSIVE VALUE I CAN NOT GET BACK LINDEN TOLD ME. AND THE LINDENS THEY STOLE, NOT A CERTAINTY. I AM THOROUGHLY DISTRESSED AND DISSATISFIED AT THE OUTCOME AND DELAY IN LINDEN TO ACT INSTANTLY AND STOP HER. HAD THEY DID THE FIRST DAY I REPORT IT, SHE COULD HAVE BEEN STOPPED AND MY ACCOUNT NOT RUINED. I REPORTED IT THE MINUTE I WAS LOGGED OUT AND COULDN'T GET BACK IN. AND IT'S TAKEN THIS LONG, ALMOST THREE MONTHS FOR LINDEN TO GIVE ME MY ACCOUNT BACK. SO DISGUSTED AND HURT BY ALL OF THIS. I HOPE YOU HAVE A BETTER OUTCOME THAN I MY FRIEND GOD BLESS
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