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  1. Hello All. I am LeiNanii ( Saarya Khan ) I've been in SL for 3 years. I am CURRENTLY on the hunt for a well paid Dancer / Escort Job at a great well maintained club. I have several experiences in dancing in clubs as well as escorting. I also have a beautiful Mesh body & Head. I take special measures to my avatar to make it look great. also , i go all the way to please my guest . I Will love to work with you. Thank you for looking at my post and hope you consider me.
  2. Hello, Everybody. I am a professional DJ looking for work in Second Life.I have worked at several clubs in the past Djing and I would like to get back to it! I would perfer a club that is not picky on Genre since I can play any.. but I spin Electronic / Dance live since that's what i specifiy in.I DJ live from my home located in the USA with professional equipment. I am looking for a nice and fun community to work in! I am pretty flexible with days and times as well. PEOPLE LOVE Hearing me DJ Live , I have been told i am unique and one of a kind, I also love to talk to my crowd and get to know them better over mic. EQUIPMENT: The equipment I USE to DJ with ... Pioneer Pro DJ DDJ-SX2 DJ controller Allen & Heath Xone - DB2 Controls / FX Allen & Heath Xone - DB2 / EV ZLX12P Cable & StandBeats Studios for sound and Production Sennheiser E840 Vocal Microphone / Talking to my Crowd & Able to hear my sound betterMIXXX / Winamp to broadcast into Second LifeMY SPECIALTIES: I speak on Mic at all times.I take big pride into making my crowd remember me and have a great amazing time! I take request at every setI often play something special for someones birthdays :) I am very friendly, talkitive and able to work and have flexible times. You'll love having me work for you! Please contact me in world if you are interested in having me DJ for you! Thank you for looking Hope to meet you soon! xxoxo
  3. Hello , Everyone! I am currently on the search for a Job as a DJ. I am a real life professional DJ and I'm wanting to make it a career in Second Life. I have DJ'ED on second life a few times as well , so i have experience there too! My genre is electronic. If you're wanting a Live mixing DJ for your club , don't hesitate to contact me inword @ LeiNanii I am awaiting the perfect job at a awesome venue! Thank you! - LeiNanii
  4. Hello All! I am a Professional - Live Mixing DJ in search for some work. I have been offline for awhile and I am back and ready for something new and exciting. I've worked at several clubs here in Second Life. My top priorty is having a great time and giving the audience a great time as well! It makes me happy to see people enjoy my music as much as I enjoy mixing it for them with my own hands. - I DJ Electronic , Mostly but i am open to others as well. - I USE top DJ mixing equipment from Pioneer and never drag and drop ! - I'm very open with my schedule and glad to work something out! I'm Very excited to get started on something new and I hope you choose me to be your next DJ at your club! - Please Contact me in world , I will answer quickly that way! Hope to hear from you soon .... - ÐJ LeiNanii ❥
  5. Hello , I'm DJ LeiNanii . I've been Real Life DJing for almost 7 years and DJing on Second Life for 4 years. [ I had another account back then ] I'm Looking for a great and realiable place to DJ and expand my experience [: If you're Looking for a DJ than i am the one. Contact me in - world :) -- DJ LeiNanii
  6. Hello All , I am a LIVE Experienced DJ . Looking for a good paying Club to work at! I am looking for a nice Club to work in .. Nice enviroment and has traffic! - I Use Voice - 100% Tips + Allowance - I take Request GENRES I PLAY NORMALLY Dance / Club [ Mostly ] Electronic [ Mostly ] PopRock / Metal REQUEST REQUEST REQUESTMY GOAL My goal is to make the crowd happy and have fun! I love to interact with the crowd and carry conversations with them. I also Greet every person i see come in. I love taking request. It helps me get a idea of what the crowd would like and would make them come back to my Sets for More fun! I always make sure my crowd is happy. ) OTHER CLUBS I PLAY AT I have experience working in different clubs here on Second Life. Right now , the only club i work in is ' Club Siren ' SCHEDULE I only work at Club Siren 2x a week. Tuesday : 8PM SLT - 10PM SLT Sunday : 8PM SLT - 10PM SLT _____________________ ( I am flexible with times )
  7. Hello , All I am a DJ in need of a immediate job at a club with a Good Crowd & For 100% Tips. I have been working at DEAD clubs for awhile ... And would actually LOVE to build up '' DJ LeiNanii's '' Fan base! * At the clubs i have been working at , I have had no host.. So i am not getting the entire benefit of being a DJ at all and would like something new to start fresh with! Genre I Play : I play Club Music. I would love to work in a enviroment where everyone is very lively and Fun! A crowd I can finally Interact with! ( I do not USE Mic ... Social Anxiety , Sorry! ) Although , I am very lively and I love to interact with a crowd. Sadly , My Stream holds 100 Listeners and my crowd is only getting to 4 - 5 people . Maybe less which seems to upset me. I HOPE i hear from you soon! xxo - DJ LeiNanii ♥
  8. • DJ Looking For Job • Experienced I Play EDM & Some Hiphop / Pop Flexible with times I am able to talk on mic I'm wanting to work for a very nice club with a nice enviroment. ○ NOTE : This is my Second Second Life Account. I am Not New and very experienced. :-) PLEASE Message me in world if you're interested!
  9. Hello , I'm LeiNanii . I am Posting to try and find a DJ job immediately! ( Please Note :: This ACCOUNT is my ALT -- i no longer have access to my other account but i am not new to second life at all! ) I am a Real Life DJ & I have DJ'ed on Second Life for fun! so yes , i do have experience. I am basically looking for freelance Djing for events. and good pay! I'd really love to be apart of a good club with crowds :-) I love to feel the energy from the crowd. My DJing style is Electronic Music and i haven't been able to find alot of Electronic places hiring , sadly. If you want to know more , please just message me In world @ LeiNanii ( I'm on daily ! )
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