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  1. I am looking for the knit fix rare. I have the other rares from the tres blah gacha. I do not want to pay 650L. Willing to trade for another rare or multiple other items. Also will pay for the gacha but not 650L.
  2. I'm going to a costume party tomorrow night. I am thinking going as a unicorn BUT I looking for I think its an animation. Glitter/sparkles come from your hands. I've looked on mp but they all look cheap. I am hoping someone could point me in a good direction.
  3. I hate using mp all the time because sometimes I don't recieve my item and the owner doesn't reply to nc or IM's so I am hoping someone has seen this a yard sales or has them for sale... I'm looking for the following Tres Blah Godgepodge collection - Agenda Workplace - Computer Ecletic collection - sofa chair Razzberry Inc Compute the Cute Set - Possibly the computer and the desk + chair Please feel free to contact me in world!
  4. I have 19 and can no longer keep them anymore. I am willing to give them for 20L each. I have many different ones. If you want to know what I have please contact me in world.
  5. I have the rare hair #1, myrtle glasses 13, coven totes #15, Ouiji Ring and Coven Diamond Ring (black) for a really fair price.... If anyone is interested please contact me in world!
  6. This is probably the wrong place to be posting this BUT I am looking for the erratic/cwe (cozy winter evening) gacha chaise its a rare (2014)... I've looked on mp and at like a million yard sale places. I am hoping someone has one or has seen one somewhere and can help me!!
  7. For halloween I was thinking about being a wind up doll BUT I was hoping someone could help explain how it works? I found a key on mp that I will link below that I would love to use BUT I do not understand the concept of the wind up doll thing and what not. I am really hoping someone could shed some light onto the whole thing for me! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/DirtyStories-Angel-Dolls-Key/6536812 Thanks! - Kat
  8. I am having issues with my firestorm viewer. It will only give my the option to save my snapshots to my inventory! But I don't want to always have to pay 10L for a photo I don't want in my house but for my flickr account. Can someone help me fix this!!
  9. I stumbled upon a Sim that is supposed to be child and teen friendly BUT its a breeding group for men to find underage avi's to have sex with. The sim owner says no nudity and no sexual chat but it is not stopping anything. Is their a way to report the whole sim?
  10. I'm hoping someone can help me! I'm looking for another clothing store that is similar to Mon Cheri. I'm obsessed with the clothes and shoes, ect. I've bought pretty much everything. Now I'm looking for other places that have similar styles and prices. Not that I need more clothes but hey, I'm a girl. The style doesn't need to match, I'm just looking for good quality clothes that aren't gonna cost me millions of lindens lol. I hope someone out there knows some similar places!
  11. I currently have Esode Skin but I have been looking at Wow skin... I was hoping someone or many people could tell me which one they prefer or if they have any that they think are better. I'm just not very happy with my avi at times. In certain light, her face looks really weird. I don't really like it.
  12. I'm looking for scene hair but hopefully find some with designs. Like the lines and what not... I hope someone can help me!!
  13. I'm looking for scene hair but hopefully find some with designs. Like the lines and what not... I hope someone can help me!!
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