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  1. Hello everyone, so it all starts when my laptop broke. So I started getting on mobile and this was ok for a mine. I got my comp fix and it let me on. When I check my inventory everything was gone, like if I was hacked. So I logged of and back on and the stuff was gone. So I check the cache and some other stuff that friends told me to do. One night I go to get online and it kept logging me out every 2 seconds say " we have logged u out do to signing in else where". So I made a new password and it still didn't work. Thought it was the laptop so brought a new one, still not working. After about seven months I mad a new avatar just to make sure it wasn't that. I got on and it didn't log me out. 40min later it lagged me and and said I was being look in elsewhere. So I told a friend to log in to my account from there comp and it did the samething. Sorry this is so long, this problem has been going on for 7 months now and I can't find no one to help me. Please help me thank u all.
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