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  1. The Vanatori and MEA Development in SecondLife is to begin the process of creating Progeny Countermeasures. I am looking for technical information that anyone can forward to me pertaining to Grave Designs, Progeny HUDs, LSL Channels used by the application and all other technical information. The information will be reviewed and used to create shields, jammers, scramblers,offsensive weapons and other objects both for a Land (aka Security Orbs) and as wearable HUDs and attachments. Contact me directly in SL @ TiganMica You may also forward any information to a Vanatori (we wear badges indicating we are the Vanatori) and the information will be sent on to me and the MEA Development Teams. A common place to find us in SL is at Social Island 1 at the Welcome Circle anlong with other social HUBs and common gathering points of the Progeny where they gather to feed.. It is the intent of the Vanatori to make a point to the Progeny that the days of hiding in the shadows feeding on those that are unaware have come to an end. Current MEA tools show us who you Progeny are. Now we will begin the systematic erradication of your infestation. Tigan Mica Vanatori Troka Mica Envoy of the Vanatori Vanator 1st Lieutenant, Trokia Caste
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