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  1. Hi excuse me. I use Firestorm, the latest version, and RLVa is on. Traps are working, but the problem is, when timers are off they do not release. They say they release me but the stand button does not go on. Not even my Mistress can release me when this happens. I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else and possible solutions. I'm wearing a Temple of the Collar collar.
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/dommelab-Leather-BDSM-Hood-Latex-Black-UNISEX/5157323
  3. Hi excuse me. I have an RLV hood, and Firestorm. and it is not always detecting that RLV is on when I login, saying it is a non RLV viewer when the RLV is clearly checked in it. Is it possible that the hood object itself is not reading the RLV every time? It seems to happen when I first login after a long while. But then when I relog in the problem seems to clear up. I would appreciate any feedback on the subject.
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