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  1. Hiya ladies, My name is Zendeya, and i've recently decided to start making custom shapes for customers. After people have seen my shape, their always asking me to make theirs, so i've taken it upon myself to make it official! I now make shapes! All you have to do is tell me what type of shape you want (maybe even show me an image) and i'll do my very best to suit you're standards. Prices vary, depending on how much you want, and the time it will take. IM me: Zendeyaa. I cant wait to hear from you!
  2. I'm Zendeya :manmad: About me: I'm 22 years old living in London. NO, I didn't do bad at school, I did pretty well and I'm hoping to be a psychologist. I live by myself, so im pretty independent. I'm a very funny person, most of my friends say I'm up-beat. I like things organised so I guess I'm sorta OCD. What I'm looking for? : Most of my friend are females so im really interested in becoming friends with males. It might start of as a friendship but if you feel like taking it further then your gonna have to be REALLY special to make me say yes. I can't wait to meet you!!! :) If you want to get to know me IM me!!! : Zendeyaa Resident. (Or just Zendeyaa)
  3. Hi, my name's Zendeya. I've recently been getting pretty bored on second life, and I'm looking for a sister.. Requirements: Tanned skin (my avatar is mix-raced, it would be unrealistic if I were related to someone with a different tone skin) Buy your own Lindens. It's okay if you have a kids, I would love to be an auntie!!! I'm a pretty calm person, but I can't live without fun lmaoo!! I can be a real Thot at times so be prepared. If you think I'm the right sister for you then pm me!!! : Zendeyaa Resident (or just Zendeyaa)
  4. I am really interested in this job. I'll IM you as soon as I can !
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