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  1. It is certainly a game. There is nothing about second life that allows you to consider it not a game. You login to a server and play a game completely controlled by the community. Your sitting at your computer playing games. Second life while it doesn't have a plot does have all of the characteristics of a video game. Moreover platform choices, you can play on PC, mac, and linux. Furthermore anyone who claims sl is not a game is just lying to themselves and looking for any way they can justify their laziness. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Video_game All most all of that can be used to describe second life...
  2. Okay guys, I have a STUPID question, I am writing a script and in that script the first like 30 lines or so is all the list of "Triggers" to cause the script to go off. Basically Fiancee and I wanted something so that when we said various words it'd play a sound and maybe flash some particles. I got the particles and sound working, however as she's not really a scripter, I would like to allow her to customize her list of triggers by just entering them on a new line in a notecard. This should allow for greater flexibility and configuration. The thing im trying to figure out is how exactly to make this happen. Thank you all for any help you could provide in advance, I know that I'll have to replace the list TRIGGER with some code to read the notecard which will contain that trigger list, I'm prepared to do this. If you're in world and could offer some help that'd be great, if you're not in world and have an idea reply here, I'll have both open. Thanks guys, Ricky McDaniel
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