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  1. We are looking for some people who want to have fun and RP in a non-serious setting As Police officers if you are interested Please IM me in world babywolfpup Resident Respectfully Brittney Destiny Chief of Police
  2. I Have been trying to Modify a few Full song Music Player Scripts to play 15-20 Songs useing a Menu with Multiple pages and have failed Horably. Can anyone Provide a Script like this or is it not possible? if it is Possible with a HUD type system that will also work, but i have tried everthing and had no luck. I have tried Combineing this one script with another that might work but i do not know enough about scripting to make it work. First Script/ Main Script // V2 // // This list is all you need to edit. List the names of the songs (each collection of sound files that makes one song) // f
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