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  1. I will show this to my husband. n CMOS is registering at 1.15 date and time are up to date .
  2. My computer was just rebuilt and windows 10 added . Secondlife worked great for 3 days then this happened . The clock and date are right . My husband is a techie and he told me to go to forums because everything he has tried is not working. When he gets home from work I will show him your thread. The motherboard is new and he installed it . Windows 10 we paid for and installed when he put together the computer. So all is new.
  3. I keep getting a message that my time and date may not be set up right , but it is . It also says it could be my firewall, turn it off , try to load , then turn it back on . That did not work . I have tried unistall, and reinstall and the same message every time . Firestorm worked fine , then I crashed and this message kept appearing . I do not know what to do next . Can someone please help me ?
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