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  1. won in a auction but can't rez cause not allowed by owner and not showing me as owner
  2. I won a auction yesterday money taken from my account but when I try to rex on it says not aproved by owner? I am the owner how can I correct it so we can do things on our land
  3. we would like to adopt a young friend and she want to join our family are there legal things to do?
  4. I have avi I created before I knew what I was doing and want to make a alt but have 5 avi and no room
  5. I want to delete not used avatars
  6. after anoncing that I had just got engaged to Ciarra the friend (BaileyE) went Psyco on me cussing me and calling me every name in the book and then IM ed my fiance and told her lies about me to the point that she called off the wedding...what can you or I do about such a cruel act???Bama
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