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  1. My name is Amane Ikeda and I roleplay as a 15 year-old girl. I am looking for a family who is fun, laid back, and usually does casual RP. So the RP level should kinda be 5/10. I'm nerdy, shy, odd, kinda creepy, and have a slight jealous personality. I don't really have major standards, except for grammar and decent spelling. I'd like to actually KNOW what you were saying. My preferred family makeup would be same-sex parents (mom-mom), and at least and older sister. This isn't mandatory, but I'd like to have something like that. I am kind of a shape-shifter, so I do accept anime avs, furries, bloodlines, elves, etc. I'm very open to pretty much anything, as long as my family actually acts like one. Anyways... You may contact me by notecard or IM if I actually interest you.
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