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  1. I put in a ticket days ago, I've yet have received a response. On June 04, 2019, I crashed in Second Life. Before I crashed, I was furnishing my home with Non-copyable items. I was frozen and then I exited out the viewer. I tried to log back into my Home spot on the region, it said my region was unavailable and I was teleported to the Horizons Yurania region. I went back to my home spot minutes later and noticed my items were not displayed that I took the time to put out and they were missing. At the time I assumed they were back in my inventory and I didn't check because I did not have the energy to re-furnish, until a few days ago when I tried to work on my home again, I noticed the items weren't in my inventory. I have several items missing that are no copy. Are they lost for good? Is there a way I can get them back? Will I need to have my account rolled back?
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