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  1. Hello there. I'm a freelancer looking for work. I'm a model and a photographer. I'm really good and fast at editing pictures. I can show you some of my world on SL . I can make you a profile picture, couples, or family photo in a day, sometimes even sooner than that. Photo Pricing Single - 2 pictures for L$350 : 2 artistic (different look) or same picture with and without your name. Couples - 2 pictures for L$ 900 : Same options as the single pictures but text just includes first name of you & partner Family - 2 pictures for $ 1200 : Same options as single pictures with with family's last name. I have a before and after example below.  Here's a few more examples of my work.  ------------------------Model-------------------------------- Also, I'm interested in being a model. I use the <Utilizator> Avatar 2.0 body and the Raven BJD head 3 (Anime head). I'd prefer to model as a male but I can also model as a female. So if you make clothing for Avatar 2.0 and need a new model or 1 model with multiple looks, look no futher! I'm also really good and fast at making avatars. Leave me a message on SL stating what you're interested in me doing. My name inworld is SeithGhost.Resident
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