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  1. Nevermind, just tried reinstalling. Problem solved! And thank you for the advice! ^^
  2. Heh. Wish I had one of those. Working from an old laptop and not really having the money to upgrade doesn't help much.
  3. Is it possible to install the latest version of the SL viewer (the recent 64 bit one) outside of Program Files? I have a habit of keeping as many programs outside of that folder (and also its x86 version) precisely due to permissions being held only by the system and no users, even administrative accounts. The fact that the newest 5.1 view installed directly to Program Files wasn't much of a pleasant surprise, and the only reason I haven't uninstalled it is due to losing user settings within the viewer itself. That said, if all it takes is a clean install to choose my folder, then disregard this message? EDIT: I should clarify, does a clean install allow you to choose your destinatio folder?
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