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  1. Hi. I wonder how does Omega system kit - Maitreya work with Maitreya mesh body? Does it mean I can wear the Omega and Tango applier available clothes on Maitreya mesh body after I purchase the Omega system kit? Please kindly provide me the details and explain how to apply it. Thank you very much:D
  2. Thank you all for your help i will keep learning x.x
  3. Can I put the simple layer clothes on the maitreya mesh body? if yes, how can i do it? Thanks a lot
  4. Hi all. could you kindly explain what does Omega system do with the Maitreya mesh body? thank you
  5. Thank you all for the information. I am considering to purchase the Maitreya body. it may be easier for a fresher like me i think. i don't have any mesh body part yet x.x
  6. Hi. I am new to the mesh body topic. I am wondering which is easer to be used and compitable with various outfits, Lolas or Maitreya mesh body? Thank you.
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