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  1. you would be surprised lol!! the one annoying me does !!
  2. Hi everyone my friend keeps annoying and tipping me off about the constant question of media like on Tvs or anything that alows you to type in websites that kinda of things, I want to ask if the history is saved somewhere in the computer or does it get saved at all cause the last thing i want is some history on my tv and/or computer by the porn shenanigans he does =3= so does the history of the interweb thing on tvs get save anywhere? Some features on SL I dont use or even toy with so excuse my knowledge on things :)
  3. But I dont know how to make stuff like that.
  4. sex attachments I think but I will look at the xcite and ask if that was it.
  5. all my items was gone all i had was the items your start with in the beginning of the game for now im not worried about it anymore I start over like a fresh start i checked everywhere I didnt find anything.
  6. So, one of my friends asked me to look for a HUD or a attachment or item that can let a person click on a body part and options come up for them to choose from... for an Example, let’s say a female/male avatar, when you click on her/ his butt options come up for what to do like option A. would say "slap it" and option B. Would say "grab” and some from what they told me can also do other adult like options. I told them I would look it up but I came up empty handed for results. If anyone at all knows what I’m talking about, do you mind if I can get the name or link to the item or location that sells them. Please. Also that’s all the info they told me. .
  7. *takes deep breath* ouchy that hurts to read ill ask the important ones thank you
  8. Im missing alot of items like a butt load like 6000 items maybe I have the emails of purches !!! can I get those items back if i have them on record of buying?!
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