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  1. Yes you're right about that.. Just submittet a ticket to LL, hoping to hear from them soon
  2. Thanks for your answer. No the quantity is still unlimited. I think I just have to completely delete the item and then upload it as a new product. I't annoying tough as I lose the reviews on the product this way.
  3. So I have a product in the MP that get unlisted/deactivated automatically everytime someone attempts to purchase it. I never had this problem before with this particular product, nor did I change anything about it - I don't understand why this is suddenly happening. The delivery fails, and the product gets unlisted, as if the folder is empty or something, which is not the case - everything looks fine in the MP listing. I'm quite new to the MP so perhaps I'm doing something wrong or perhaps the answer is obvious, but I'm at wit's end please help anyone..
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