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  1. Hello. As I roam around the grid I have noticed some people don't have a legacy name displaying. I have the setting turned on in preferences and can see mostly everyone has one. I was wondering if maybe a few got to do a name change early? The ones im seeing have a first and last name but no period in between like the old ones had. I'm just generally confused as I have only recently returned to sl after a year break. Thank you for your time!
  2. You will be used for breeding purposes so therefore you need the male version of the mama allpa. You will be used for my female subs/pets for sexual pleasure at times as well. You will be completly owned and collared. Message me ingame for more info.
  3. As one of my slaves/pets you will be collared and cuffed. This account is new but I myself am not new to sl and have experience. You must be into BDSM and be willing to fully submit to me. Message me inworld if your interested.
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