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  1. Hello everyone, I want to create a hud that triggers the words for my gestures in local chat so I don't have to type trigger anymore. I thought like a button on screen for category that opens subcategory in popupwindow and when you click that it opens the button for the gestures in category so when you click on one it triggers the chat to play activated gesture from inventory. What kind of script I need that I can programm buttons on hud with and without usage of notecards? It would be so cool if all would be programmable like a radio I have in my inventory that asks for stations and URLs by popup instead of complicated filling of notecards. Is that possible with the hud I want to create? I would be so happy for help. Thank you in advance.
  2. That worked fine! I am so happy:) I get all my objects in random order now. Now I just need to know where in the script I can change the postition of the rezed object because it always rezes sideways and a little bit to high. I want it to be rezed on ground and with 90° rotation compared to now. Do I need to set this position in rezzer script or in the object itself or in both? You'd make my day and weekend even if I could work this out
  3. thank you so much I will try that :matte-motes-grin:
  4. I want to mod the following rezer script in that way, that it rezes random objects instead of the same one all the time. Will that be possible somehow? Do I need to change only this script or the script in one of the 5 target objects I want to be rezed too? default { touch_start(integer total_number) { vector Pos = llDetectedPos(0); if (llVecDist(Pos,llGetPos()) < 10.0) { rotation Rot = llDetectedRot(0); vector NewPos = Pos + <-0.5,0,0>*Rot; llRezAtRoot("object",NewPos,ZERO_VECTOR, Rot,1); llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0),"Please sit down."); } else { llInstantMessage(llDetectedKey(0),"Sorry you are too far away."); } } }
  5. thank you so much! I will work on that with your great discription. I will do it step by step until I get there:)))
  6. Hello everyone, I want to mod the script I use for chimera so it will work for everyone when rezed. At the moment it only works for me I can wear and rez it and bring up menu to select dances and other options. When someone else clicks it it will just inform that this person has been added to chimera to dance with or when clicking again has been stopped to dance on chimera. I am the only one (as owner of object) who has access to menu and control of the chimera. I want to make it that when other persons click my rezed chimera they also get full menu access and have permissions to change animations and options too. Can someone help me please what I have to change in script exactly to make it work for everyone instead of just for me? I'd be so happy to get a solution for that. I just started with scripting and would be so thankful for every answer to get more into it and learn more :) thank youuuuu
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