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  1. Hello. I'm Zadiara also my name in SL and already playing for more than a year. Im also 23 years old in RL. I am looking for a job to earn some lindens. I basically already have an experience as a Host and a Dancer. Also I am willing to learn some other jobs which you may offer. I also love writing articles and have journalism skills in RL and most especially poetry.I love to write about interesting things so I may say I am quite good in vocabulary and communication skills. It may not be perfect but good enough to have great conversation with people. I am willing to use voice if necessary and I also sing..*Seriously*. which may be needed on some work. I am open minded on things and is willing to meet new people and work with new type of environment. I am hopeful you will hire me to serve you. Zadiara, at your service...^^smiles :womanhappy::heart::womanhappy::heart::womanhappy: Zadiara, while singing upon the silence of the night, stares at the bright stars hoping that she will be hired on a good job to earn some lindens....^^
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