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  1. Crystal View Estate RP sim i having a special on renting, we are offering a buy 4 weeks get 2 free! yes thats right this week only!home prices and sizes are listed below so please don't hesitate to PM me privatley in world or stop by my contact info and LM are listed below as well. thank you and have a great day! large home. bedrooms: 5 bathrooms:1 price:800L$ prims:750 Medium bedrooms: 4 bathrooms: 1 price: 550L$ prims: 500 apatments bedrooms:2 bathrooms:0 price:300 prims:250 USERNAME: Sinistersmiles1995 LM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lyrics/229/8/22
  2. our sim Crystal View Estate Family RP sim is hosting a very specialy event, for this week only if you purchase rent any house, store or apartment for 4 weeks you will receive 2 weeks free. buy 4 get 2 :)! we are breedables friendly! we offer prim baby adoption agency schooling rp jobs and much more! come check us out in world or IM me USERNAME: Sinistersmiles1995 LM link: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lyrics/102/114/22
  3. HELLO we offer beautiful homes and stores on a family rp sim great prices with a generous prim allowance prices and prim counts below were having a special buy 4 weeks get 1 free any amount of time! thank you and have a blessed day! HOMES. PRICE PRIMS 800L$ 750 550L$ 500 300L$ 250 STORES 250L$ 200 Need a different prim count contact Sinistersmiles195 in world come see us in world http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lyrics/208/108/22
  4. hello all we are hiring people for a few jobs on my family rp sim below is a list of the roles we are hiring for an what the pay is thank you an have a wonderful day. School. teachers. (tip based pay) +25% of enrollment fee Fire department. officers, (tip based pay) Police officers (tip based pay) Real estate office manager (tip based and a portion of a rental sale) agents, (tip based and a portion of a rental sale) City hall staff (tip based)
  5. ♥ HELLO ALL♥ Crystal View Estate Family RP sim is open for business♬ And for the month of January we are offering rent 4 weeks and get the 5th week ❀!!free!!❀ on all homes,apartments and stores, if we get enough people we might continue this every month!!!! we are also hiring for these positions. Fire department (donation based Pay) police department (donation Based Pay) school (donation based pay) City hall staff (donation based Pay) real estate agents (portion of each rental sale) we are an all breedable friendly sim! so if your looking for a home for yourself an you're family look no further then our lovely community. our pricing is good and our prims even better below is a list of available homes an prices an prim counts on our land now but if you need a different prim count feel free to ask. Large 5 bedroom house, with 2 car garage 800L$ for 750 prims. Large 3-4 bedroom house, 550L$ for 500 prims medium apartment 2 bedrooms 300L$ for 250 prims Any questions contact Sinistersmiles1995 in world or come check out the sim! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lyrics/182/30/22
  6. Best Rate Buy (Limit Buy) Exchange Rate in L$ / US$1.00: Quantity of L$:=US Dollars (US$) PurchasingL$ 30,600 CostUS$ 30.60Transaction FeeUS$ 0.40 TotalUS$ 31.00Estimated Time to Fill3 days
  7. i have a dog i need to find a home but not sure where to post comes with all like bed bowls hud toys etc but im not sure where to post it can anyone help with a group??
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